With one week before finals, I've found it hard to concentrate on anything. It's like once Thanksgiving break is over I suddenly have an attention dis... Ooh! Look at that over th... stop. Breathe. Concentrate. OK, I'm back. As I was saying it's like I have no attention span anymore. If you also have this problem and are worried about finals, here are some quick tips:

1. Don't take breaks

Whenever you are tempted to take breaks, don't. You'll end up finding another and another thing to do and then suddenly you're time is gone. Just finish whatever you're working on, get a drink of water or a quick breath of fresh air, and then go back.

2. Don't pull an all-nighter

This is just a bad idea. You'll end up tired, stressed, and will probably not remember anything you studied. I know what you're thinking: "But coffee!" While we're at it, don't drink coffee either. You'll probably just end up jittery and unfocused.

3. Find a what helps you focus

This kinda contradicts number 1 but hear me out first. For me, playing guitar puts me into a concentrated state (something to do with using both hands and the rhythm of music). Afterwards I feel ready for studying. Find what activity works for you. Maybe it's just listening to music or squeezing one of those foam stress balls while doing work. If it's a separate activity that you can't do while doing work, then limit yourself to 10-20 minutes of it.

4. Don't stress

This is hard, I know. But seriously, if you relax you'll find yourself more productive, which means you'll have less work, which means you'll be more relaxed, and so on. Chill out, it's only finals.

Hopefully this helps some! Remember to relax and think about the winter break that comes after finals!


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