Ludum Dare Results

So Ludum Dare 35 has finished and I got my results! Good news! I didn't completely fail. For my first game jam I think I did pretty well.
Here are my results: I got rated by 28 people
Theme       - #326 place - 3.62 average rating (scale of 1 - 5 with 5 being high)
Fun            - #515 - 3.15
Overall      - #625 - 3.15
Audio        - #687 - 2.08
Innovation - #724 - 2.84
Humor       - #762 - 1.90
Graphics    - #787 - 2.92
Mood         - #882 - 2.60

Lots of numbers. Let me explain. There were about 2700 entries. However, only 1594 were entered into the Jam (which is what I entered). Overall, 625 out of 1594 looks pretty good! But actually only 1194 received a rating. Some categories have less that got a rating (as some people opted out of that category). So I actually got 625 out of 1194. Right about the middle which is still not bad. Here is a link to the stats for Ludum Dare if you want them.

What did I learn from Ludum Dare? Making a game in 3 days is HARD! Especially working solo. Next time I'm gonna get a team. Also managing time is important. I spent a reasonable amount of time planning and prototyping. I also worked quite a bit on graphics. I left level design to the end and really cut it close. This did not leave any time for tweaking. This can be okay, but as my sister is still stuck on level 3 there are definitely some things that could be fixed (note to self: let siblings test game for difficulty). The most obvious thing I should have added would be having health pickups instead of energy pickups and then make energy regenerate by itself.

If you want to play my game go for it! I might make a post-LD version (we'll see). Until then I hope to finish part 2 of the mind control project (no, it does not involve getting your siblings to do your bidding). I've been quite busy (school obviously) but have started to pick up the Unity3D engine. I'll have some interesting projects coming soon (hopefully).


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