Welcome to

or at least according to Google it's now fall.

Today I went to the park and got some nice pictures. I used Inkscape and my fresh pics to create that cool FALL thing. Here are some other ones I made. I had to scale these pictures down in order to upload them so the quality is not as great
I obviously got the earth picture off the internet but the other one is mine. While at the park I also took a picture of my friend (he had a cool hat on) and made some cool silhouettes. I couldn't decide which I liked better so here are all of them. The two pics on the left are from the internet as well.
I think the third one is really cool. Doesn't it look like the leaves are his face? I cut the profile out using the free select tool in GIMP. Then I put it in Inkscape and used the clip effect like I did with the word pictures. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your fall!


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