Hey there! School has kept me pretty busy. None the less here is a quick project I did for fun. I call it Ardupong! Basically just the old pong game recreated with arduino. I made something like this a long time ago. I enjoy small challenges like this though to improve my coding.

The setup is pretty simple. There are five buttons: 2 for each player and 1 for a start button. There is a piezo buzzer for some sound effects. Two 8x8 led matrix are hooked up via spi. I found these displays pretty cheap a while ago. Here is a little diagram of the circuit.
The code is pretty simple too. It is setup is a sort of state system. The program runs a title screen until the start button is pressed. It then begins a game. Each round the players and ball are reset. The ball starts in the middle and chooses a random direction to move in. The hardest part was planning the motion of the ball. The ball can move in four directions (left-up,left-down,right-up,right-down). It checks if the ball has hit a wall, passed the players, or if the players are there to block the ball. If the ball hits the edge of a player the ball goes back in the direction it came. Otherwise it bounces off the player.
Title screen
I have altered the setup to make a snake game (Ardusnake?) but I'm still working on the code.
The code for this project is here. I'm using GitHub for the first time, figured I should probably learn how to use it since everyone else does. I'm also naming these projects Arducade. Hopefully I will make some other simple games.


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