Going in circles

I made (in my opinion) a really cool background using Inkscape. This is probably the fourth time I've changed the background but I really like this one. Comment below what you think!
And of course I can't post this without telling you how I made it. Everything was put together in Krita but first I made the circles in Inkscape. Using the circle tool and holding control will allow you to make perfect circles. You can also scale them at the same ratio by holding control and using the scale tool. The home, end, page up, and page down keys come in handy for ordering the circles. 

In Krita, I used a radial gradient for the dark grey background. Then I added some splatter using special brushes I found online. I added some roughness around the edges with another brush and then did some finishing touches on top of the circles. Each element was put on a separate layer making organization and undoing/redoing easy. It also allows you to use the filters and opacity to change the look of each layer.

Thanks for reading!


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