New Project

I used to wonder why other indie game companies only had one or two projects. Well, if you want to ever finish a project its best to keep you focus. Unfortunately I get distracted easily. I've wanted to make a simple pvp battle platformer for a while a decided to start. After two days work I give you:

Square Soldier Arena

Okay not that great. Yet... So far I have implemented a profile system for multiplayer, as well as basic player movement. These were the most basic elements of the game and I wanted to have them done first. 

The profile system took a lot of thought. I wanted it to be like Mojang's Cobalt where you could have a profile which had a controller (or keyboard) assigned as well as the player's control scheme. The profile also contains the character customization. 

To do this in Unity (which is what I am using to make the game) I made a profile manager object as a child of the main game control object. This profile manager polls input for the join key. It then creates a profile and assigns the controller to it.

The character control isn't that complex. It simply moves left and right based on input (each player looks for input from an assigned controller). The player can jump as well as wall jump (wall jump needs some work) as well as two action buttons which currently do nothing. In the picture below you can see three points assigned to the player object (just empty objects with the player set as the parent). They are used to check for collisions which aid in determining whether or not the player can jump.

Next thing to implement is some weapons and combat. After that I'll make some menus so that there can be actual gameplay. After that will be some level design and gamemode design and if I get fancy maybe a level editor.


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