Today I tried my hand at some photo-realism (of sorts). After watching some tutorials, I felt a bit better about texturing and came up with this.
Remember, this was my first try at texturing! I'm pretty pleased although there are a couple things that could be better. First of all, I just used images off the internet for my textures. The image for the ground isn't that great and could use some work. 
I did get some neat depth from the images though by editing them in GIMP to create a grey-scale bump-map. I could use that image in Blender's compositor to add more realism to the wall and the barrels. I also used a noise node in the compositor to add an aged look to the barrel. The green goo was made by combining a bunch of shaders and then sticking a light in front of it.
I enjoyed creating a more realistic image (I'm very detail oriented) and some more practice should bring some better results. I still really enjoy low-poly however, so there will probably be more of those on the way. Thanks for reading!


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